Achieving the Customization of Automobile Painting

On September 14, ABB announced an innovative “PixelPaint solution“ for automobile painting using inkjet-type heads. 

The idea of PixelPaint solution is to ensure that two-tone colors and unique designs can be painted in a single path without masking or removal work. 

Responding to Increasing Demand for Individualization and Efficiency

In automobile painting, there is an increasing demand for individualization, requiring customized paint schemes with different paint finishes and special designs. In addition, the fierce cost competition is forcing companies to improve its efficiency.

In such circumstance, ABB announced the PixelPaint solution, a non-overspray coating technology using an inkjet-type head.

The solution incorporates a high-performance coating inkjet printhead and a dosing control package, as well as programming software for two-tone and decorative coating applications.

Since this technology uses an inkjet-type head to paint directly onto the car body, 100% of the paint is applied to the car surface, eliminating paint waste. In addition, it eliminates the necessity of masking and removal work, and even halves the overall painting time.

ABB believes that this technology will help reduce costs, improve environmental performance, and increase efficiency in automobile painting.

(Photos from プレスリリース)


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